Aesthetic Makeover Involves Making Over One’s Appearance, Enhancing External Looks

Aesthetic makeover involves making over one’s appearance and image. This involves positively changing and enhancing external looks and self-image.

When one looks at beautiful person one sees the entire appearance and personality come together in harmony where ideally nothing can be added, removed or altered without taking away from the aesthetic impact of the individual.

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There are seven layers of beauty which include the mannerisms and speech, the attire, the makeup, the skin and hair, the soft tissues, the musculature and the bony structure which can be enhanced, altered or reduced to have a person look his or her best. Often multiple layers may require alteration to achieve truebeauty and harmony. Aesthetic Makeovers begin with an in depth analysis of each aesthetic layer – starting with the bony structure, then moving on to the muscles, soft tissues, skin and hair, make-up, clothes and finally behavior grooming.

While beauty is difficult to define there are certain accepted standards of physical beauty that have remained relatively constant from the time of Nefertiti whose facial features in Egyptian sculptures conform to our contemporary aesthetic ideals. The facial ratios, proportions and angles of Cannon and those proposed by DeVinci, still hold true, although true beauty is not always a function of mathematical perfection or given to precise geometric analysis.The Western concept of an ideal figure has undergone major changes. The Victorian times and the paintings of Reuben where pale well fed and plump women were considered attractive to the modern thin and anorexic looking models like Kate Moss defined beauty. Finally it seems some sense is starting to prevail, where healthy curvaceous but not overweight figures are considered beautiful. Who can deny the beauty of the figures in the Ajanta caves and in the temples of Khajarao? The ideal bust to waist ratio or waist to hip ratio of 0.7, which was established a long time ago, has still withstood the test of times in spite of cultural and temporal fluctuations and fads.

There are a multitude of interventions available for each aesthetic layer. Let us divide the face and body to and analyze some of thetreatments which can help to achieve balance, harmony and beauty.

BODY – The body structure needs to be kept in mind when clothes are selected whether hour glass, rectangular, triangular, pear shaped or apple shaped. The accessories are chosen based on the same. The color also depends on body habitus and skin color. The skin and hair can be dealt with just like the face. Exercise can tone up the body, and achieve inner health and wellbeing. Exercise helps to reduce stress and increase the metabolism to help in weight management. We can enhance or reduce different parts of the body to achieve that ideal hourglass figure. Breast and buttock augmentation can be done where volume is lacking in these parts. Augmentation can be performed with the use of implants or autologous fat transfer. Liposuction Treatment clinic in-Delhi can remove fat in areas of excess, such as the abdomen, hips and thighs. Gynecomastia (male breasts) can be removed through liposuction or gland excision or both. Other Surgical body contouring surgeries like Abdominoplasty and abdominal etching can have men get those wash board Abs and tight stretch mark free abdomen for ladies. Occasionally implants can be used for other body parts like pectorals for men, buttock and calf implants for an aesthetic make over.

Guest A, a homemaker, underwent an Aesthetic Makeover analysis for her face. The recommendations suggested bony, soft tissue and skin enhancement for facial balance and clarity. Treatments for this individual required a chin augmentation, lip augmentation and deep skin medical peel. Guest B, an MNC executive, underwent an Aesthetic makeover analysis for his face and body. The recommendations suggested soft tissue, skin enhancement and clothing redesigning. Treatments for this individual required a abdominal liposuction, laser treatments to remove acne scars and clothing advice to change the color and type to give a more clean and professional appearance.

At the end of it all, the aims of an aesthetic make over are safe and effective enhancements which leaves little or no evidence of anything but nature and its beauty.

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