Mi 9 Power – Is It The Right smartphone For You?


Mi 9 Power – A Cost Effective Power Phone! The sleek and stunning Mi 9 Power was recently launched by the well-known Mi Phone Company India. The high end phone comes loaded with a lot of features that are very much desirable among the masses. In this review, I will discuss about what exactly have been the pros and cons of this phone.

Pros: Is it a Pro? The first and foremost thing that one must know about this smartphone is that it is a Pro when it comes to its pricing, features and the design. The Mi 9 Power comes with the best integrated video quality and the high end hardware and the battery life of the handset make it a unique proposition for the masses. The Mi 9 Power is also a relatively new handset under the popular 9 series so that has all to do with the common problem of getting a branded product with similar specifications and the same high price.

This problem is not faced with this handset since the company has gone out of its way to make sure that there are plenty of cool and useful apps loaded in the smartphone to make the experience better. There are various such apps like games, music players and many others that can be bought and downloaded directly from the Android Market, which is another plus point of this handset. But what is the common problem and what could be done to get rid of it? That is the question that we would discuss in this article. Mi 9 Power

One of the most basic reasons why your apps opening slowly on your smartphone could be the result of several reasons. For instance, your android device could be having poor RAM. In order to improve the speed of your apps opening slowly, you should try to increase the size of the memory. Some users also say that they have used a lot of apps, which is hindering the smooth functioning of some of them. So, it is best to stick to using only one app at a time if you are after smooth and fast performance of your smartphone.

The Mi 9 Power comes with the device’s default Chinese language application, which could be of assistance to you in learning a few new words. If you are planning to take your learning to the next level, then you should buy a more advanced language application from the Play Store. The redmi 9 power does come with an application called Mi Dictionary, which is a good reference tool for people who need to look up specific terms in their day-to-day conversations. In fact, the redmi 9 power is a reasonably good phone for anyone who does not own many translation or foreign language apps installed on his/her phone. However, if you have a bunch of these apps installed on your smartphone, then you might face difficulty in finding the right word to translate with the help of your language application.

One thing that the Mi 9 Power offers that the competition doesn’t offer is a built-in music player. Although the MIui phones come with a default music player, you can add a few of your own songs, in mp3 format, to enjoy on your phone. For those who do not have any music files on their phone memory, this feature can come in handy, especially if you travel a lot and listen to music while on the move. The Mi 9’s Big Data Storage helps you store data that is accessed frequently, such as your daily schedules, your tasks, the music that you have stored on your phone and the photos that you take with your camera phone. All of these can be stored in the cloud, without the need for any extra storage space.

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